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Remaps UK Project Begins Along came the BMW E92 335d!

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BMW 335d Remap Begins

BMW 335d Remap

Delivered in the snow. This is going to be fun!

We’ve all been waiting with bated breath here at Remaps UK for the new BMW E92 335d remap Project car to arrive….
and we’re all glad to say its finally here!!

The New BMW 335d E92 arrived on a snow bound day, in sparkling graphite metallic, black leather, sat on 19″ rims, Xenons and all the toys on board, this vehicle certainly looked the part. Quality felt up there with all the other BMW’s we have had and the sound from the BMW 335d Diesel engine sounded remarkably un-diesel like!

BMW 335d Remap Project day one…It’s Snowing!

First test drive proved somewhat interesting, as over night we had had a blanket of snow covering half of the UK, so with a tentative right foot, we set out in the BMW 335d on our first road test, this proved to be quite fun.

I’m sure all fellow BMW drivers reading this will associate with my next comment regarding BMW’s in the snow….useless! great fun, but trying to get any kind of traction in the snow on run flat tyres coupled with an auto gearbox is just futile!

We eventually found a thawed out and gritted stretch of road where we could give the BMW 335d a quick squirt and see how she delivered the standard 286bhp of power. First thing we noticed in relation to the previous BMW 330d remap project we did was the reduced lag at the bottom end, although not unexpected due to the BMW 335d hosting twin turbo’s, one big and one small, this was very refreshing and improved the drive ability considerably.

Provisional tests looked good so far, and we’re already impressed with the stock performance, as we enjoy the waves of torque developed seamlessly from the BMW 3.0 litre 6 cylinder twin turbo engine, very clean and smooth performance, good throttle response, but did sense some lag here and there, some of which comes from the automatic gearbox, some which felt flat through the rev range.

Again, this is what we expect from stock settings from any vehicle, if anything BMW are one of the better manufactures. I must admit to being a little excited after the test drive, knowing what we did with the BMW 330d remap project, the BMW 335d Remap project was going to be something to remember!

The BMW 335d Remap Project looks Interesting!

This is going to be one project car we will remember for a long time!

Watch this space for the first BMW 335d remap test results posted soon!!

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Thanks for reading and watch this space for the next remap engine tuning project by Remaps UK.

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Remaps UK BMW 335d Remap Project

Project BMW 330d Remap Three ECU remap options & three fantastic results.

The BMW 330d Remap Project

Project BMW 330d Remap330d remap

With fuel prices soaring and the green brigade telling the motorist to drive around in electric yoghurt cartons and organic ones at that, it would seem that the UK is fast approaching a society where the performance hungry driver has no place in the universe, let alone on this planet, or does he?

Performance has always inherently been related to the thought of huge turbo’s, V8’s, petroholic 5.0 litre engines that suck in small animals through the air filter and spit a raging pit bull terrier out of the back!

But this has changed and the Germans were quick of the mark.

Seeing a gap in the market German manufacturers like BMW and VW/Audi invested heavily into the research and development of the diesel, yes they smell funny, they smoke and scare small children, but hear me out. The new generation of diesel engines doesn’t do any of these, in fact they do quite the opposite. For instance take a look at the exhaust pipe of the new BMW E92 330d for instance, its spotless and I really mean spot less. Take a listen to is straight six cylinder engine and one could be fooled into thinking its actually a petrol and a meaty one at that. Then get behind the wheel and one will be simply amazed at the performance and shocked when one sees the MPG figures reading near 50 mpg at motorway speed! BMW claims the 330d has a Combined figure of 49.6 mpg and kicks out 231bhp, with a 0-62 of 6.7 secs, now that doesn’t sound very diesely does it!

All good things – BMW 330d Remap

Andy at Remaps UK Ltd in Cheshire said , “I thought I’d let you know about a little project I’ve been running for the past few months” His project was aptly named Project 330d Remap … the clue is in the title”

The project vehicle in question is the new BMW 330d Remap E92 Coupe, with the tiptronic box, Andy at Remaps UK says, “this is the best engine and gearbox combination for the tuning method we are going to use, as the torque figures this engine produces would make mince meat out of a manual gearbox’s clutch’ and added ‘for the economy remap or a performance economy remap blend, the manual box is more than capable, it can also handle a performance map without any problem, but, what we have planned is full race, and lots of brake horses, and lots of brake horses, unchecked can break things. ”

330d remap

Andy and the team plan at Remaps UK is to run the BMW 330d remap project on 3 different remap options, firstly the economy remap, then the performance economy blend and finally a full blown race remap.

The economy map was developed after many different evolutions of the old E46 maps, Andy went on to say “the old E46 330d 184 bhp and BMW 330cd Remap was a fantastic motor and paved the way for the new breed of modern diesel engines… we had some great fun tuning the E46 all those years ago and took great pleasure looking at the shock on the M3 drivers faces after a show down at the lights! Especially when they saw the badge Diesel ! The E46 still has a big following today and for good reason, it can still hold its own against the big boys and is still a very tunable and capable machine, in fact was one of the best re-mappable vehicles until its newer younger brother came along, Project 330d remap ”

When the final evolution of the Remaps UK remap file for project 330d remap was finished and installed on the eagerly awaiting BMW E92 330d Coupe the first thing that was noticed was the mid range punch, and also the extra 28bhp it got! This car now drives and feels like it should have done from the factory. On its first decent motorway run figures where rarely under 64mpg! At one point the vehicle range showed 760 miles. On a 3 litre diesel these figures are truly staggering when you consider the speeds as well, ahem!

Andy went onto say, “over the years we have seen a shift in trends on what customers want, 3 years ago we rarely sold any economy maps as everybody wanted performance remaps, but as we developed the various remaps we instantly noticed the increase in engine efficiency even of the performance map. It seemed the by-product of all the performance maps we did, gave a significant improvement in mpg. It was at this time we diverted funds into this development area which finally produced the remap option we now call the blend, or the best of both world map option which is the performance remap and economy blended together like a good whiskey” He also added, “now with soaring fuel prices we can provide a significant quality remap solution whilst improving your mpg as well, having your cake and eating it springs to mind. ”

Onto the performance economy blend remap option and the most popular choice for today’s customers according to Remaps UK, Cheshire. Andy explained, “this map is probably the best bang for buck for customers wanting the extra performance without the extra running costs, in fact this is the opposite, it costs less and you get a lot more. ”

In fact the Project BMW 330d remap Coupe got an extra 48 bhp taking it to just under 280 bhp, Andy stated, “this level of performance increase is right on the balance or performance against increased efficiency, it is a knifes edge and takes a lot of skill and experience to get it just right, trust me on this one, the testing and development was extensive, but the finished results are fantastic. Performance is nothing like the car in standard for, it breathes so much better and sings so sweet when you open up the taps, yet take you foot of the gas mpg figures shoot up with a combined average up 8 mpg over standard… very very happy with this result, the BMW 330d remap ed is a truly outstanding piece of engineering and is growing on me from day to day. ”

Its all about balance…Project BMW 330d Remap

Finally Andy at Remaps UK unleashed the full race remap option on the new Project BMW 330d remap Coupe, he said, “this is what we would consider a stage one pro race remap and would be considered for track use or the like, there is a lot more in there to give, but as I have mentioned before it has to be drivable and reliable, this map ticks both of these boxes” Adding, “there is no point having the car just sitting at the first set of traffic lights with its tyres smoking whilst the guy in the tuned up Corsa pats himself on the back and heads to the pub to tell his friends of his easy victory, its all about balance. ”

With great power… blah, blah, you know the rest – Project 330d Remap

He added a few cautious words of warning though, “engine tuning and remapping is most definitely an art form as well as science and engine tuning understanding, there are many companies out there set-up overnight supplying unrealistic figures and low prices which bring in the not so clever punter, if you don’t know what you are doing it can all go horribly wrong. ”

So, how did it perform, in short the results were unbelievable, the transformation was truly astonishing. The sheer acceleration pins you into the back of the seat in what can only be described as a complete assault on your senses. The power delivery is so smooth whilst being progressively aggressive in the same breath, it feels like a totally different car. “we’ve created a monster” Andy added with a smile.

330d remap

The rolling road showed the Project BMW 330d remap car pushing out just over 300 bhp, 306bhp to be precise, but it felt a lot more. Andy said, “this has to be one of the best tunable engines out there at the moment, BMW and Audi with both of the 3.0l blocks have hit the nail smack bang on the head, you just can’t go wrong with either, superb performance and fantastic economy” He continued to say, “me personally would always go down the route of the BMW as I prefer the driving characteristics and balance of the chassis, but still hold a hell of a lot of respect for the Audi’s. ” He stated, “the performance of the race map is in another league, we took the car up to the Lake district for a weekend run, the car averaged 58.8 mpg on the motorway at proper cruising speeds, if you know what I mean” And added, “the on road driving characteristics were really impressive, of the mark nothing could touch it and 3rd gear is epic” He also joked and said, “think the guy in the 335d wondered what was wrong with his car, sorry” and continued to say, “all in all a thoroughly enjoyable remap test, very impressive results across the board” finally adding “now to get hold of a BMW 335d Coupe to work the Remaps UK Magic on. ”

Andy finished by saying, “It has been my pleasure to take the time to explain the ins and outs of this project and I have hopefully given a more detailed insight into the world of engine tuning and remapping, It has been a very enjoyable project and have loved every minute of it.

Many thanks from all the Remaps UK Development Team, now, who’s got the keys to the Project 330d Remap vehicle? ”

Visit back soon to find out what else the guys are planning, for further details of this project 330d remap or any other please get in touch with Andy and the guys at:

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The BMW 335d remap project

Remaps UK – BMW 330d Remap Project

Audi You Do it – Audi Remap Tuning by Remaps UK!

Audi RemapAudi Remap by Remaps UK

Audi Remap – The Audi brand just keeps getting better and better, with the new Audi a4 looking the part. Fantastic styling, impressive LED DRL illumination, sooth curves and tight lines and slick modern well built and equipped interiors, set the already high standards out there in the motor vehicle industry and Audi have just moved the goal post considerably.

Compliant road manors with quite cabins make the new Audi range a nice place to be, wether your popping down the local shop of driving the length and bredth of the country there are few cars out ther in the current market that can touch the all round appeal of the new Audi Range, things get especially interesting once Remapped!

From the Audi Remap 1.8T Fsi we remapped last week, taking the 160 bhp version to a performance economy remap output of 204bhp! Very impressive, good results with improved mpg figures.

An assortment of Audi A4 2.0 tdi’s, from SE spec, Sport and S Line versions, all opting for the performance economy remap blend.  Returns results ranged from 42bhp to a whopping 58 bhp!!

You just never know what your going to get.

The Audi Remap on the 2.0 TDi, 3.0 TDi and now the 1.6 tdi remap

As always the mpg results are always impressive on the VW Audi 2.0 TDi engines, 6-8 mpg on average return and a smooth power curve with increased throttle response always goes down well with the customers! Many happy faces for the new Audi Remap!

Audi Remap available from Remaps UK

Finishing the week of with a top of the range fully spec’d Audi A3 2.0 TDi 170 Quattro S Line remap in black metallic, beautiful car which topped 200 bhp! Hope your still smiling with that one Sam!

Another great week, Thanks to all from the Remaps UK Team…

And a quick well Done Jenson Button!! Well done mate, all the best!

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We remap engine tune all,  Remap Audi A4 2.0 Tdi Remap, AUDI A5 3.0 TDi Remap, AUDI A6 3.0  TDi Remap, AUDI A3 1.9 TDi remap, remap 2.0 TDi, AUDI TDI remap,  Audi TT TDi Remap , Audi S3 Remap tuning, Audi R8 Remap Tuning, Audi RS4 Remap tuning for the avant, saloon etc..

AUDI A4 3.0 Tdi Quattro remap to full custom level, bespoke engine remap tuning for AUDI TDI , AUDI 1.6 TDi Remap, AUDI 3.0 TDi Remap. Fully tested and developed on our own in house Dyno – This sets us apart from the competition and gives you all the confidence you need to trust Remaps UK to deliver the highest quality Remap engine tune modification available in the remap industry!

The Audi TDi Remap by Remaps UK