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 Remaps UK Prices 2013

Here at Remaps UK we want you to have the best quality tuning experience for the best price available, this has always been our company aim;  to give you the customer the best price without sacrificing the quality of our remap engine tuning and ECU remapping files.


All Things are not equal

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for, cheap usually is just that.

The difference with Remaps UK is our attention to detail and the painstaking development process we go through to deliver what we consider to be the highest quality remaps in the business, not the cheapest.

All our remaps are custom written, developed in house, tested and bespoke to your vehicle, providing you with the highest quality remap engine tuning files available.



Remap Engine tuning Pricing for Stage 1 software remapping

Custom Written remap file From Economy through to Performance spec

inc New Custom Eco R spec Maps – optimised for fuel economy


Single ECU remap prices (through the OBD)

Prices Starting From £269


Single ECU removal – Tri Core Anti Tuning

Prices Starting From £349


Twin ECU Remap Prices (through the OBD port)


Prices Starting  from £449


Double ECU removal – Tri Core Anti Tuning (Audi R8 – Supercar etc)

Prices Starting  from £600


Group Buys & Discounts

Here at Remaps UK we welcome any group buys.

For more than one vehicle please call us or send us an enquiry here for our best discount prices.

Also make sure you add us on your Facebook and Twitter accounts so we can let you know of upcoming offers and deals!


Custom Bespoke Remapping and dyno development work

For full custom written Dyno / Rolling road remap charge @ our South Birmingham Research and Development facility or

For the new Fast road and R-Spec remap prices call us now or send an enquiry by clicking here









click here for the vehicle checker database to see your cars potential!


All our maps are backed by our guarantee of quality and 7 day no quibble money back guarantee, with a £2 million RSA backed warranty

(terms & conditions apply).


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