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Project BMW 330d Remap Three ECU remap options & three fantastic results.

Remaps UK Takes on the BMW 330d Remap with the aptly name Project 330d Remap with fantastic results. High quality custom remapping and bespoke tuning deliver the UK’s best engineered remap file for the BMW 330d remap. Contact us for more details

Audi You Do it – Audi Remap Tuning by Remaps UK!

remaps UK providing the Highest quality custom remaps for all Audi remap variants. Custom bespoke written Audi 2.0 Tdi remap, dyno rolling road devloped providing extra power and mpg.

The New Ford Kuga Remap, a trip to the Lakes and an awesome A5 3.0 TDi Quattro!

Remaps Uk looks at the New Ford Kuga

A day of Mini Mayhem with Remaps UK...


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A day of Mini Mayhem with Remaps UK…

The New Mini Remap Had a great day remapping three new Minis in the north west using the performance and economy blend style of remap. One of the new diesel 1.6d Mini Cooper’s was first on the list and located in Chester, after hooking up to the 1.6d Mini Cooper  and waving the Remaps UK [...]

A weekend of remaps and met some more nice folk !

BMW remaps available for all BMW, BMW X6, 330d remap, all custom level tuned and bespoke to your needs by Remaps UK