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The New Ford Kuga Remap, a trip to the Lakes and an awesome A5 3.0 TDi Quattro!

Ford Kuga Remap and Audi Remap Custom Tuning


What a week, some fantastic people and some beautiful cars!!

Audi A5 3.0 Tdi Quattro

Another busy week of remapping at Remaps UK, taking us all over the North West, from a new 200bhp Ford Transit on an performance economy map in Warrington, to The Lake District and a Kia Sorrento 2.5 CRDi XS on an economy map.

From Ford Kuga Remap to BMW Remap

The remap of a normally aspirated BMW Z4 2.0 was a good result, an extra 21 bhp,  giving the engine a much more lively feel and assertive throttle response.

Also we got to remap the new Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi, beautiful car, again with great results showing an extra 40 bhp on the charts!

Audi’s flagship A5 3.0 TDi Quattro sport, with all the trimmings, on the performance economy blend and a stunning 48 bhp increase, and an initial 5 mpg to boot! Awesome car and blistering performance.

Audi’s A6 2.0 TDi S Line on an economy remap option, with an increase of 6 mpg was another great result for the boys here at Remaps UK in Cheshire.

Thanks to all from the Remaps UK Team.

A day of Mini Mayhem with Remaps UK…

The New Mini Remap

Had a great day remapping three new Minis in the north west using the performance and economy blend style of remap.

One of the new diesel 1.6d Mini Cooper’sMini 1.6d cooper was first on the list and located in Chester, after hooking up to the 1.6d Mini Cooper  and waving the Remaps UK wand we gave the Mini an extra 38 bhp, taking it to a whopping 150bhp!! Reports back of 6mpg improvement on efficiency already, with a totally different performance now with the new remap installed, loads more mid range torque and sharper acceleration and throttle response, superb results on this little pocket rocket . Then we had two family owned New Mini Cooper  S’s in Red and black located over in Cheadle, South Manchester, two  very nice cars, again both remapped on the performance and economy blend remap option  and both achieved an extra 18-20 bhp, really good response with the newly developed remaps, customers reporting increased performance, the removal of all flat spots and a nice clean pull through the gears all the way through to the red line, super sharp throttle response and both cars feeling very alive and assertive, very impressive results , for three very quick super minis, keep your eyes peeled for these little scamps in the North West!!

Thanks and nice to meet you all from the Remaps UK Team

A weekend of remaps and met some more nice folk !

BMW X6 3.0sd

BMW X6 3.0sd

Remapping in the North west with Remaps UK and the BMW x6

Busy weekend, remapping cars including the new VW Golf 2.0 TDi 170 bhp, Audi’s A4 2.0T FSi on a performance economy remap and finally, performing an ECU remap for the new BMW X6 3.0sd 4×4, stunning vehicle with fantastic results on the economy blend, extra 28bhp with early figures showed an improvement of 4 mpg, as stated given another 50 miles of driving for the remap to settle in we should see these figures rise even higher.

Another nice chap

Nice to meet Paul and the family over there in Didsbury, Manchester, thanks again for the hospitality and the Columbian roast coffee was a treat!! Thanks to you all from the team here at Remaps UK,  www.RemapsUK.com


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New VW Golf GT 2.0 TDi gets latest VW Remap with increased performance and economy!

VW RemapThe VW Remap for the Golf 2.0 TDi

The latest VW Remap for the New Golf GT 2.0 TDi gets an ECU tune up by the UK’s leading remap specialists Remaps UK Ltd in Cheshire www.remapsuk.com. The Initial performance figures after the Remaps UK VW Remap showed an increase of 48 BHP and a Torque Increase of 87Nm! Overall fuel economy was also up on average 6mpg.

Company owner Andy said ’we are very pleased with our latest VW remap’ and added ’the results for the new VW Golf GT 2.0 TDi  are beyond even our expectations….the power delivery is far better than the original stock map , with a much smoother delivery of power with the removal of all flat spots throughout the rev range’.

The VW Remap Development

With extensive rolling road development and research into the new VW remap engine tuning options, Remaps UK have come up with what they consider to be the strongest, most tested and developed VW Remap options available to the market to date.

He also stated that ’this remap file has been in development for quite some time’,and added  ‘we consider this style of remapping to be the best bang for buck mod out there in the tuning market, period!’

For the latest VW Remap and VW Golf remaps option…

The VW remap development is constantly changing and being updated allowing us to improve the various remap options we have available for the VW Audi range of vehicles, making many options available to the end customer, so it is always best to give us a call to check what VW remap options we have available and what new breakthroughs have been made,

For more details on the VW Remap and more visit the Remaps UK website on www.remapsuk.com ,  or click here to make an enquiry!

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