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Testimonials Remaps UK - The Engine tuning Experts

Derek G in Crewe, Cheshire Audi a3 2.0 140 Tdi Performance & Economy Blend Remap

"Found on Google, telephoned and got some great info, booked in, Andy came to my house and the rest is history, my Audi a3 2.0 Tdi is now flying along with 200bhp and 50 mpg!!"

John B in Knutsford, Cheshire VW Passat 2.0 tdi 140 bhp Economy Remap

"I do a lot of miles in my trusty VW Passat 2.0 tdi, and now I'm extremely pleased with the 'improved economy remap' that Remaps UK fitted , before my trip computer used to give readings of 38mpg, now it doesn't go below 52 mpg no matter how hard i drive it".

Marcus P in Alderley Edge, Cheshire - Audi Q7 3.0 TDi Performance & Economy Blend Remap

"Just like to thank Andy and the guys at Remaps UK for a stunning job done on the Audi Q7 3.0 tdi. It was quick before but now is a totally different animal. The power is so smooth and progressive,it feels and drives like it should have done from the factory!! It now produces 280bhp! and to top it all, I'm getting another 4 / 5 mpg!! Many thanks for a fantastic job, regards Marcus".

Richard G in Stockton Heath, Warrington VW Transporter 2.5 TDi Performance & Economy Blend Remap

"I have owned the VW Transporter 2.5 tdi from new, so know this van inside and out. After Andy at Remaps UK visited it feels like a totally new van!! From 88bhp to 140bhp! What can I say, thumbs up for a top job done, loads of fun and saved me from buying the newer van!! Now to convince the wife on the BMW!!".

Ray D in Wilmslow, Cheshire - VW Golf 2.0T FSi GTi Mk5 "“ Performance Remap

"As promised a quick thanks for the Remap today.What can I say but Holy S***, Absolutely unbelievable.. to all those who are reading this, just do it, best bang for buck you will ever spend on a performance mod hands down. Andy and the guys certainly know there stuff, out of the way R32's!! very very happy, all the best Ray!!".

NeilE in Cheadle, Manchester - BMW 330d E91 - Performance/economy blend Remap

"Love what you have done to the 330d, an extra 6 mpg and 280 bhp! How could I not be happy".

Daniel S in Stockport, Manchester - BMW 335d Coupe E92 - Performance blend Remap

"The remap you did on the 335d still puts a big smile on my face every time I boot it, stunning performance, with bucket loads of torque. this thing can see off M3's with ease 340bhp and a grin from ear to ear. Thoroughly nice bloke and went the extra mile to help out and explain, Brilliant".

Simon L in Droylsden, Manchester - Golf GT TDi 2.0 - Performance/Economy blend Remap

"Pushes you firmly into the back of the seat now...

Flat spots well and truly gone!! Am now back in love with my Golf GT TDi 2.0, thanks again to Remaps UK".


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