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Frequently asked questions - Remaps UK  - The Remap Experts

Our ECU Remapping upgrades are not bolt on modules or chips, they are actually a complete Custom remap of your ECU to improve the performance characteristics, Economy and drivability of your vehicle.

How long does it take to upgrade the ECU?

The Engine tuning remap or ECU Remapping upgrade is normally completed in under 2 hours this also includes a full ECU Based diagnostic test, for ECU

Can anyone tell if I have had a remap?

The method in which we perform the remap engine tuning upgrade will remain undetectable by the dealer from your standard diagnostic scan & service etc.. Of course if your dealer was to compare actual telemetry/settings then they could in theory detect a difference in the file.

Under normal scrutiny and down to the way we install/write/develop our files we go as far as possible to keep the remap invisible! This also includes ECU counters reset etc

How will it affect my insurance?

Although the ECU Remapping upgrade as stated above, remains invisible and undetectable, it is still your own responsibility to notify your insurance company of any modifications made to your vehicles ECU. Also remember we are TUV approved, and most insurance companies  will not charge you any more especially if you mention your increased economy and  decreased CO2.

What is involved in the upgrade?

The majority of Modern vehicles can have the ECU remapped via the diagnostic port (OBDII) without the need to remove, the ECU from the vehicle, in this instance a non invasive remap is carried out. There are however some ECU's that require direct access so would need to be removed for this work to be carried out we recommend a visit to us direct for this.

What warranty is given?

We offer a lifetime warranty on all ECU remapping work carried out by Remaps UK. Giving you piece of mind and confidence in your purchase. Remaps UK - BMW

Does the ECU Remapping upgrade have any adverse affect on the engine?

All Our ECU remaps are carefully designed, developed,  tested and proved by us before we use them on ANY vehicle. We are a company that believes in high quality and will therefore never map a vehicle above and beyond the cars safe running limitsas specified by the manufacturer. Because of this you can rest assured that your vehicle will remain as reliable as it was when standard, with one adverse effect , your vehicles performance and economy will be in another league!.

Why don't the manufacturers upgrade the ECU from the factory?

The short answer is costs, It is far easier and cheaper to produce two or three different ECU maps with different bhp (eg 90, 110, 130) for one engine than to develop three different engines. Factor in varying qualities of fuel available worldwide. Your engine must cope with poor fuels, lack of servicing and general neglect. If you do service your car to the manufacturers specification and use good quality fuels, as found throughout the UK your engine can be optimized for better performance & efficiency without affecting the reliability of your engine.

What diesel or petrol should I use once the ECU Remapping upgrade has been done?

We always recommend using high grade fuels such as Shell, BP or Esso and advise customers to avoid of supermarket quality fuel were at all possible.

Will my fuel economy change?

On average you can expect an improvement in fuel economy of around 5-10% or 20% with our economy map, depending on your driving style. Figures are conservative, with most customers experiencing higher returns.

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